Company, Organization, or Church

Ways to get involved


  • Hold a recruitment event at your company for employees and others (who might be potential customers).
  • Use your benefits department to email your employees about the opportunity to be a volunteer firefighter.
  • Offer an extended benefit to employees who decide to volunteer by paying for them to volunteer during the work day at least once a month.
  • Offer a discount to volunteer firefighters and display our posters in your place of business.
  • Talk to your employees about various other ways they can volunteer to help their local fire department other than being a firefighter.
  • Gyms are the perfect place to recruit for volunteer firefighters, if you own a gym we want to hear from you!


  • Offer your restaurant as a free event space to a local fire department to host their recruitment event. Offer free appetizers and beverages.
  • Help boost the event through social media and use the event to bring attention to the campaign and perhaps donate proceeds from the evening to the campaign.
  • Display our poster in your restaurant.


  • Cohost a recruitment event with a local fire department.
  • Have games for the family, pot luck, kids and family education, have a fire hose shower down on slip and slides.
  • Bring in firefighters to talk to Sunday school students.
  • Post a notice of upcoming fire recruitment events in your Sunday program and other missives.
  • Email parishioners about the need for volunteer firefighters in North Carolina.


  • Local festival and event planners can offer free or discounted booth space for local fire department to set up a volunteer booth.
  • Provide on-the-ground social media support for the firefighters.
  • Have the firefighters participate in games and/or stunts to drive attention to your festival as well as the department.


  • Women’s groups can invite local fire departments to speak about volunteerism for women by women and learn first hand what it is like to be a volunteer firefighter.


  • Invite firefighters to your next event to talk about the need for volunteers.
  • Reach out to family members about whether they might be a volunteer recruit.
  • Co-Host a pancake breakfast to raise money for your fire department and for them to talk about the need for volunteers.
  • Start a fundraising and messaging campaign on your Facebook page and email list.


  • Different Advocacy Groups can invite local fire departments to speak about diversity within the ranks and encourage volunteerism.


  • The Military can support firefighter volunteerism by supporting the idea that former military personnel are great candidates.
  • Their experience with team work, how to follow orders and have the backs of their constituents is perfect for fire service.